Does your device support eSIMs?

You must have heard of eSIMs, and maybe you are even trying to get one!

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But before you do that, turn this over on your mind:

Is my device compatible with eSIMs?

Let’s help you figure it out.

So first, what is an eSIM?

An eSIM -an embedded SIM card- is the tiny chip already inbuilt in your device. 

You typically insert a physical SIM card into the SIM tray in your mobile to enable data and services. And normally, you would replace the SIM when relocating.

No more of these with Simly’s eSIM packages. It has all gone digital now, so as you travel  you can:

  • Save the hassle searching for a local SIM providers stores and possibly losing yours
  • Help save the environment using less plastic SIMs
  • Use your eSIM for making calls, sending emails, and staying connected
  • Maintain your phone number
  • Forget the charges (and worries) you had once while roaming
  • Manage SIMs digitally right from our Simly app scanning a QR code

Do all devices support esim?

No, unfortunately, but the list of compatible devices is quite long. Check our list here. 

If you are an Apple user, having an iPhone XS or later will do the job. Most iPads released after 2018 also support eSIMs. 

As for android devices, you need a Samsung S20, Samsung Note 20, Huawei P40, Google Pixel 3, or later.

How can I know if my device supports eSIMs?

To specify whether your phone supports eSIM, you must first locate your IMEI. The term IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it will tell you if your phone is carrier unlocked and if it supports digital eSIMs.

To find IMEI on iOS:

Go to Settings > General > About

If your Apple iPhone supports eSIM, scroll down to find a "Digital SIM" section that displays your IMEI.

To find IMEI on Android:

Type in *#06# and your IMEI number/s should pop up OR

  • Go to Settings
  • Type in IMEI in the search bar
  • Tap "IMEI information"

After checking your device eSIM compatibility, visit Simly App or website to purchase your eSIM plan, and click here to know how to set up your eSIM.

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