eSIMs Aren’t Just The Future, They Are The Now!

SIM card to eSIM, We Are There!

We’ve known SIM cards for 25 years now, and no changes have been made except for the size moving from the standard SIM card through the Micro SIM card to the Nano SIM card. 

What you probably didn't know is that eSIMs were first introduced in 2016, after GSMA discussed that possibility in 2010. According to data conducted by Trusted Connectivity Alliance and published in April 2022, the demand for eSIMs is increasing. This is evident from the fact that profile transactions of eSIMs surged by 54% as a result of their functionality and that their supply reached 337 units in 2020. 

Are You Ready For The Shift?

Whether you are on a vacation or on a business trip, you want a stable connection and you want it the easiest way possible. You need something that does the trick. So, are you ready to switch to an eSIM?

First of all you need a compatible device, and most probably your phone is -  without you even knowing. If your smartphone is an Iphone XS or later, Samsung S20 or later, so you are there! 

Within the next ten years, eSims are likely to dominate the market. Samsung and Apple will be releasing their eSIM enabled devices supporting eSIMs without a SIM card slot in 2023, according to some reports. The physical SIM cards will therefore probably fade when competitors adopt this strategy just like Apple with their new SIM cards will be outdated soon, and Simly eSIMs are the best you can get!

eSIMs Save You the Hassle!

Even though local SIMs are beneficial, they are not without issues. They can be time-consuming and challenging to purchase. You also have to fiddle with changing out little pieces of plastic in and out of your phone. Unless there is a store at the airport, you may find yourself without a connection during those crucial first few hours after arrival because you frequently can't access them until you're physically in your destination. 

For all the globetrotters out there, your concerns about staying connected are needless. We’ve got your work cut out for you; so save the hassle, get an eSIM, and stay connected.

Not A Magic Trick,  But Still Has The Same Effect!

While eSIMs might not seem like magic, since it serves the same function of a regular SIM card. But it is magical when it comes to using Simly eSIM. So you aren’t going anywhere, removing or  inserting any physical SIM card, the eSIM chip is already located on your phone and can be programmed. Containing a set of encoded digital data, all you need to do is scan the QR code, and the data will be transferred to your device.

Here comes Simly’s magic! We offer simplicity, ease, and the most time-saving process. Access our website, follow our easy steps, and you’re set!

What is The Merge?

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About Simly

When abroad, travelers struggle to find an instant and affordable connectivity solution. Buying a sim card is a hassle and roaming is expensive. Simly offer instant connectivity in 130+ countries through eSIMs - the convenience of roaming for the price of a sim card. Simly is changing the world by making global communication more accessible and affordable.

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