How does an eSIM work on iPhones?

Apple has always led the line in all the technological development that we’re encountering. Starting from the first iPhone that changed the world of smartphones then, passing through the creation of Airpods, reaching eSIM enabled iPhones and iPads!

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Apple’s bomb is here: No SIM in iPhone 14

It wasn’t expected to happen that early, but here it is. Apple announced the release of iPhone 14 on September 7. And its biggest news was the fully eSIM version in the United States. 

In the rest of the world, iPhone still have the SIM card tray in addition to the embedded eSIM, as in the case from iPhone XS and later models. 

So you might be wondering, What is an eSIM? How does it work on an iPhone? Are we ready to handle such a technology?

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM, with the “e” standing for “embedded”, is the tiny chip already inbuilt in your device. 

You typically insert a physical SIM card into the SIM tray in your mobile to enable data and services. And normally, you would replace the SIM when relocating.

No more of these with Simly’s eSIM packages. It has all gone digital now, so as you travel  you can:

  • Save the hassle searching for a local SIM providers stores and possibly losing yours
  • Help save the environment using less plastic SIMs
  • Use your eSIM for making calls, sending emails, and staying connected
  • Maintain your phone number
  • Forget the charges (and worries) you had once while roaming
  • Manage SIMs digitally right from our Simly app scanning a QR code

How does it work?

So what do you need to make it work?

  • An iPhone XS or later models
  • eSIM carrier Simly
  • A Wifi connection (unless you have iPhone 14 eSIM only model)

So grab your iPhone and  scan the QR code provided by Simly using your camera. Then tap the  notification “Cellular Plan Detected”, which will take you to the Settings page. Two taps to go, “Continue” and then “Add Cellular Plan”.

Count 1, 2, 3 and it’s all set up!

Are we ready to handle such a technology?

eSIMs will fully replace SIM cards in the very near future, just saying!

You all remember when one day you were astonished by replacing your music cassette with a CD, and then replacing the CD with a USB, and THEN not using any and downloading your favorite songs directly to your device!

The whole world is turning digital, so why don't SIMs as well?

So replacing SIM cards with eSIMs is still weird? You are just around the corner. It is really happening, and for your own sake. Your time when traveling is precious, and that’s what Simly is all about - saving your time and bringing you a mindset.

What is The Merge?

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