Rethinking Tourism

Travel: The Start Line

Have you ever wondered how tourism actually started? The 17th century is when the modern idea of tourism first appeared, and the earliest travel agencies were established in the 19th century. Impressive, isn’t it? 

The first travelers aimed to soak up art, history and culture. Thanks to the economical and technological development, the need and desire to travel started to outspread. Improvements in transportation were a massive gain! Soon enough, the sector grew and traveling was no longer limited to an exclusive group, but became a leisure activity to many; lucky us!

2020 Filter Went Gross! Tourism Before And After Covid

Call it the catalyst, tourism is one of the major reasons for economic growth. 2020 wasn’t the first time where economies were hit, after September 11 and the Global Financial Crisis, but it was the worst! The long period of recovery after Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the world economy including industries like tourism.  Being unable to travel for entertainment or business due to travel restrictions and quarantine was catastrophic on all levels; even going back home sometimes wasn’t an option! Well, fortunately, things got better in 2021 with a slight increase statistically in the hotel occupancy. So, a new vision within the sector was essential leading to the theme “Rethinking Tourism” by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Thinking and Rethinking Tourism

On September 27, 2022, the UNWTO will celebrate World Tourism Day as usual, with an emphasis on reconsidering how we manage tourism. The objective is to promote tourism as a vital component of recovery and ensure that everyone can travel safely and easily.

How do you get there then? By debating and reevaluating the sustainability tourism grants in terms of creating employment opportunities and its impact on advancing equality and protecting cultural heritage.  rephrased

Where Next?

Driven by the lifting of travel restrictions, you -travelers- gained the confidence again to overcome the bad aspects of the crisis and catch up what you’ve missed. In fact, the number of tourists in 2022 already reached double that preceding the pandemic. Tourism is not just an important sector anymore, it’s the agenda of governments and organizations around the world, visioned as the lifeboat for development.

We, at Simly, believe in this agenda.

Simly, indeed, is not far behind. Our goal is your comfort and peace of mind wherever you go. Simly‘s contribution to this new vision is evident through the important role it plays in the travel industry, creating borderless connections that suit your needs at all times.

So globetrotters, don’t hold back! Pack up! Your only worry is “Where next?” Simly got the rest covered to keep you connected.

What is The Merge?

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