Traveling? What about Pre-traveling?

Traveling to a country for leisure or work is exciting enough! But have you thought of the preparations needed pre-traveling?

So you think you are ready? Let’s discuss what you really need to know or have before you take that plane.

Simly will help you get ready with this easy-to-go and organized checklist.

Your Checklist: Few Things to Consider

So preparing for a trip can be overwhelming. You might end up packing stuff that is not needed, or forgetting to pack the important ones.

Actually, what goes in the bag is the least to worry about. Discovering the country you're visiting, its language, and culture are the things you need to put first.


What would be easier than knowing the language of the country you’re visiting? But we know that’s not always the case, and you get to find alternatives.

You may want to first think of the people you are traveling with. Make sure one of your group is able to communicate simple orders or questions. If you are traveling alone, then be ready to learn these yourself which will make your life much easier and your trip much more enjoyable.

What might you need to learn?

  • Could you point me in the right direction?
  • Is carry-on luggage permitted on this flight?
  • Is the hotel room equipped with Wi-Fi or room service?
  • Do you know where I can get some water?
  • Do you accept debit cards at your restaurant?
  • Where can I do my laundry?
  • What is the cost of that?
  • Is there somewhere I can keep my carry-on bag?

Remember to stay confident, and look so as well as good body language creates a favorable first impression.


For communication, we highly suggest using the Google apps when having trouble in delivering your message.

Noting that locals will most probably appreciate any attempt from your side to use their language, try to help and find a way to understand what you’re asking for.

Culture and Customs

Do good research, we suggest! 

Each country is unique and might be way different than your country - we’re not speaking of language here. This includes cultural norms, amenities available, food, and laws.

Is the food there similar to what you’re used to?

Trying new dishes would be an amazing experience. This might be the best part of your trip.

Take into consideration any ingredient that might cause discomfort or allergic reactions, if you got any, and the spice or flavor level you’re able to handle.

Amenities: What to expect?

So traveling to a large city differs from traveling to a more remote village, and your experience as well.

Research the scenarios you’re going to deal with. Some countries may lack water availability, air conditioning, or heating. Although alternatives may be provided, get ready for any condition.

Think of the Locals Law

Do keep in mind that every single custom might be different in the country you’re visiting. After research you should be able to learn about the laws there, regarding the way people act, speak, dress or think.

Not that you want to strictly abide by these customs, all you need to do is respect them in public.

What to Pack

It mainly depends on the weather and climate at your destination. In the following Simly is helping you point out the needed things, and sort out the unneeded.

  • The weather in the country, whether dry or rainy, hot or cold helps you decide on the type of clothes you need. Keep a cap for sunny days.
  • The activities you are planning on are to be considered. Are you going to swim, hike, sleep, or attend a conference? Or all of these together? 
  • Clothes to prioritize are the essentials that you change on a daily basis like socks or underwear.
  • Storing dirty clothes in disposable plastic bags prepared ahead will be super simple and practical.
  • Travel essentials to be taken along depends on your needs. Examples are: headphones, sanitizers, phone charger, power bank, and a plane cushion.

Make a list ahead of time, and be organized as much as possible. Simly already helped in that!

What is The Merge?

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