Using Dual SIM with an eSIM - All You need to Know with Simly

Having a dual SIM, as we know it, is an option that allows you to take advantage of having two SIM cards in your device.

What’s good about it?

  • Use a separate SIM for personal calls and another one for business calls.
  • When you travel abroad, add a local data plan.
  • The ability to have a voice and data plan that aren’t separate.

What if one of your two SIM cards is an eSIM?  This brings to mind what an eSIM is.

What’s an eSIM?

A digital SIM is referred to as an eSIM. There is no need to insert a physical SIM card when using your Simly eSIM.

The eSIM stores the data required for your smartphone to connect to and use the network, just like a conventional SIM card would.

Dual SIM with eSIM: The Advantages

Dual SIM with eSIM devices include both a physical SIM card and an eSIM. This offers you the choice of having two phone numbers on the same device.

Dual SIM with an eSIM unlocks many scenarios previously unavailable with only a physical SIM, like:

  • Having two phone numbers and two separate plans associated with one device.

Please keep in mind that only one line can be active on a laptop with Dual SIM.

  • Having a data plan on a foreign carrier while traveling abroad without switching SIM cards

So, what do you need?

An Iphone XS or later, a Samsung Galaxy S20 or later is needed to have a dual SIM with an eSIM. A more detailed list of eSIM compatible devices is here to help you.

Can I activate more than one eSIM?

First you should know that an eSIM compatible device can hold up to 20 stored eSIMs.

For some models, two eSIMs can be activated at the same time. All iPhone models that support eSIM can use Dual SIM with two active SIM cards at the same time.

Taking Apple as an example, Dual SIM can be used with a physical SIM and an eSIM. iPhone 13 and later models support two active eSIMs. Models of iPhone that lack a physical SIM tray can support two active eSIMs.

So if you have different devices, the number of active eSIMs will shrink to one.

And here is a crucial thing, you should deactivate (turn off) your eSIM when not in use, to save data. 

Don’t mistake that with removing your eSIM. Once an eSIM is removed, it can’t be retrieved

Can I put two phone numbers on a Dual SIM device that supports eSIM?

Yes, you can merge two different phone numbers onto a single dual SIM card using an eSIM capable device. This could be two personal numbers, or one personal and one business phone number.

What is The Merge?

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