What Can You Do During the Holidays With an eSIM?

“I follow my heart … and it usually leads me to the airport”, a feeling we share when the travel season is behind the door.

It's critical to stay connected wherever you are as the travel season peaks. Using a Simly eSIM is one of the simplest and most efficient methods to stay connected.

As you read through this blog, you will understand better what an eSIM is, and the reasons why you should opt to get one the next time you plan to travel.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital SIM, embedded in your device, to be used without the need to insert or remove a physical SIM card.

With an eSIM, you are not limited to a single data plan like you would be with a traditional card. You can switch networks without permanently disabling your accounts. Since it enables you to stay connected to a network wherever you are, this feature is invaluable when traveling.

In general, it's also a more affordable choice than activating international roaming.

Why is eSIM a better option?

Simly minds your peace of mind. So, using an eSIM during your trip would be a hassle-free experience.

The reasons to have an eSIM from Simly are countless, but here are some:

  • Get your data plan ahead of time
  • Be connected to the internet the moment you land
  • Spare expensive roaming charges
  • Gain the chance to have an international eSIM to be used in multiple countries

Some activities to do with an eSIM during holidays

  1. Filling up your adventures bucket

You might be off for a new adventure in a forest, jungle, snowy mountains, coasts, or any remote site. Having an eSIM will keep you connected and avoid getting lost in the country you’re visiting, and help you stay safe.

Here are some benefits:

  • Contact your loved ones and friends using your Whatsapp number
  • Learn about the weather in your area
  • Discover your exact location on the map
  • Maintain real-time contact with companions

  1. Locating addresses, maps, and checking for reviews

Depending on roaming services or local free wifi would be expensive and hectic.

Why risk having an unstable connection if you can get a better experience and relaxing trip with Simly eSIM.

An eSIM digital plan will assist to:

  • Prep a superb and smooth trip with fast access to maps
  • Read reviews and directions from any location
  • Calculating the distance between coffee shops, restaurants, campgrounds, and other tourist destinations

  1. Always ready to book a ride or another flight

The departure and arrival periods of any trip can be extremely  stressful. Flights can be rescheduled or changed, not to mention  what traffic can cause! Better to stay up to date in real time to reach your next destination effortlessly.

So grab the chance to:

  • Use ridesharing services to navigate or explore neighborhoods.
  • Instantly book and rebook flights
  • Easily check-in and check-out

  1. Sharing posts on your social media accounts

Who wouldn’t love to share every single moment of their trip on an Instagram story, a facebook post or a Snap? We mean you - phone addicts.

Frankly speaking, you all love and cherish the eSIM data plan that can make this happen. 

What a privilege an eSIM can offer at that level! A lot indeed:

  • Upload your videos and photos instantly
  • Go live or stream at any moment
  • Share the spectacular scenery online right away
  • Keep in touch with your followers

Keep in mind that Simly plans are customized to fit your needs, but you can upgrade or top up your plan anytime using the Simly app or website.

What is The Merge?

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