Who is an eSIM good for?

Are you still struggling to stay connected when you're away from home?

The solution is within your reach. eSIMs!

If you are still thinking, don’t! It’s time for you to make the swap.

With plenty of packages that Simly provides, customers with different travel purposes can enjoy using eSIMs and worry less about staying connected.

But first, have you wondered how  an eSIM works?

What is an eSIM?

Every phone needs a SIM card in order to enjoy mobile data and cell service. This little piece of hardware must be physically inserted into a tray and then into the user's phone. You are undoubtedly familiar with the procedure. Whenever you frequently swap between phones or SIM cards... It could get really irritating.

On the other hand, an eSIM is a chip that is embedded right into a phone's circuit board. Many more modern smartphones now offer eSIMs as an alternative to the traditional SIM tray for ease.

Why should you get an eSIM?


  • No need to search for a SIM provider while on the road
  • Forget about the expensive roaming bill back home
  • Connect right away to a mobile network as soon as you land

So, who can benefit the most?

  1. Globetrotters

Are you traveling for fun and would like to benefit from every moment of your vacation? You’re aiming to build memorable experiences and have fun while sharing pictures and videos with people back home.

Simly provides packages that fit your purpose, with just enough data for your stay.

So what do you get?

  • Stay active on social media posting pictures of your adventures
  • Keep your connection with hotels and ridesharing
  • Enjoy sharing your moments and updates with your family on the spot
  • Use GPS and location apps and services throughout your trip


  1.         Remote Workers aka. Digital Nomads 

For those of you who spend much time in the air, an eSIM is your ultimate option. When you are always ready to pack, with just a laptop, mobile, and a backpack, that tells a lot about you – things Simly can comprehend and translate into data plans that you can use on the go.


So what do you get?

  • Switch the country but not the SIM
  •  Data plans are adjustable; thus can be changed when you change the destination
  •  Short-term commitments are what you need, and are exactly what you will get

  1. Business men/women 

How do things go for practical business trips? Businessmen and businesswomen like it simple, yet efficient. If you are traveling for work you would cherish every second of connectivity.

You might not need it for work but for convenience instead. So what if you were able to get that without having to buy or swap physical SIM cards and get a Simly eSIM?


So what do you get?

  • stable connection without a hassle the moment you reach your destination
  • ordering meals or ride-sharing effortlessly
  • accessing and signing your documents smoothly and efficiently

What is The Merge?

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About Simly

When abroad, travelers struggle to find an instant and affordable connectivity solution. Buying a sim card is a hassle and roaming is expensive. Simly offer instant connectivity in 130+ countries through eSIMs - the convenience of roaming for the price of a sim card. Simly is changing the world by making global communication more accessible and affordable.

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