Why do you need an eSIM?

An eSIM! Not a trend, but a life changing innovation!

Haven’t you wished for a trip with no worries about how to stay connected? You won’t be happy to spend time buying a SIM card, right? Don’t worry. No more waiting queues to get your SIM card, nor searching for an eject pin!

We’ve got your back! At Simly, you can get your eSIM with a few clicks and a smile.

So what is an eSIM anyway?

It is a chip already embedded inside your device, that you choose what data plan to download to and change it whenever you want to. Say “goodbye” to the expensive and limited roaming services. And another “goodbye” to your stress searching for a wifi network or even getting a SIM card in another country. 

Using eSIM enabled devices, you are not limited to one or two SIM cards anymore, as you can download and store many eSIMs matching your needs. And you will definitely love this one, eSIMs are safer to keep hackers away, and easier to locate if your phone was stolen.


Get Ready for Your Vacation and Stay Connected Without Any Worries

So you are traveling to another country on a vacation, and you want to enjoy every second there. With an eSIM, you can easily switch mobile networks with a click straight from your phone without adding any embedded SIM card. The first thing you used to think of when you travel is now the least of your worries, thanks to Simly. We care that you have a real relaxing and awesome vacation.

Save Time, Money, and the Hassle!

With your Simly eSIM, you won’t be late to email or call anyone. Whether you are on a business trip or working remotely, you will wish you have your internet connection ready the moment you land there, without breaking the bank. As a business traveler, your stay is loaded enough you don’t want your mobile connection stability to be an issue. You can still pick up your meetings on time, using your GPS and having your favorite fast food ordered online.


Easy as 1, 2, 3 with Simly

So using an eSIM is exciting enough, but why Simly? Because we are different. 

It’s not only about the low-cost packages we provide, it is actually your peace of mind that we seek. You can manage your eSIM easily and directly through our Simly app. Oh, and you can have that done on different devices as well, that is a thing!

Just 3 steps away:

  1. Purchase a data plan here or through our app.
  2. Using a QR code, you may very easily install and activate your eSIM.
  3. Access 4G and 5G like you are currently doing! Simly makes it simple! rephrased

And since your peace of mind is what really matters, our customer service team will love to hear from you, and give you all you need whenever you want.

What is The Merge?

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About Simly

When abroad, travelers struggle to find an instant and affordable connectivity solution. Buying a sim card is a hassle and roaming is expensive. Simly offer instant connectivity in 130+ countries through eSIMs - the convenience of roaming for the price of a sim card. Simly is changing the world by making global communication more accessible and affordable.

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